Intelligent Factory Automation Systems

The Intelligent Factory Automation System (IFAS) integrates the entire material handling system with your plant’s scheduling and manufacturing system for a fully automated solution. Orders are automatically tracked, processed, and displayed in real-time on screens throughout the factory from the corrugator through converting, finishing, and warehousing. IFAS can be integrated with almost any plant scheduling systems including Kiwiplan, Amtech, Avista, EFI etc.

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Highlights of IFAS

  • Realistic visual representation of the corrugator, converting machines, and all downstream conveyor and material handling components
  • Accurate pocket tracking and unit accounting through accumulation and separation
  • Intelligent optimization of all areas for maximum efficiency and performance
  • Extensive integration with ERP, scheduling, and other shop-floor control systems creating the “smart factory” of the future
  • Automatic notification of system faults via SMS or email (optional)
  • Historical playback of all system sequences (optional)
  • Intelligent WIP systems to maximize the storage and retrieval of orders in a FIFO or LIFO system

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