Are you implementing industry 4.0 in your corrugated facilities? WSA USA offers automation control to assist customers at any stage.

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Four Levels of Automation

At WSA USA, we are committed to our customers’ success. Our unique design and planning processes allow you to maximize productivity and efficiency while maintaining a safe working environment.

We design your projects for now – and the future. Whether you need a new machine center or a new Greenfield facility, we start with a discovery process to help us understand your needs.

  1. Reliable Operator-Based System
    • Incorporates manual procedures controlled exclusively through the programmable logic controller.
    • Relies on operator decisions in areas including chain transfers, load building, strappers, etc.
  2. Semi-Auto System
    • Relies on load tags containing information such as destination and strapping codes from your ERP system.
    • Directs load to the correct location when barcode imprinted on the load tag is scanned.
  3. IFAS Lite
    • For customers with only intelligent load building
    • System reverts to PLC mode with any of the prior levels of PLC automation offered by WSA USA.
  4. IFAS Pro
    • Tracks units from the corrugator through the converting machines and finally to shipping.
    • To get information back into iFAS post converting machines:
      • Semi-manual mode – iFAS operator console on the discharge of the converting machines or
        Automated – iFAS talks directly to the converting machines with capability to execute a data transfer to our external tracking systems.

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