Vertical Rack AS/RS Systems

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The WSA-USA AS/AR Vertical Storage System is a fully automated corrugated WIP handling system designed to maximize storage capacity and plant efficiency while reducing the overall footprint. The system load builds off the corrugator in two directions for optimum cell utilization and multiple orders can be stored and retrieved in any given cell. Corrugator performance is also improved as orders no longer must be processed in FIFO mode.  It is also designed to minimize energy requirements with far fewer motors, drives and moving parts which results in a very low cost of ownership compared to a traditional WIP conveyor system.  The system is fully automated which tracks every load and shows its location and movements in real-time. 

The Vertical Rack AS/RS System can be used for both Primary WIP storage and Secondary WIP storage for orders requiring reprocessing on another machine which adds tremendous added functionality to the system.

System componentry includes: 

  • Block building and squaring zones
  • Entry conveyors
  • Vertical Stacker Cranes for storage and retrieval of loads
  • Vertical racks
  • Delivery conveyor and/or machine center transfer car system