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WSA manufactures modern solutions for High Speed Sheet Feeder plants with corrugators that run up to 1500FPM (450mpm). These systems are fully automated with our IFAS-SF Intelligent Factory Automation System software which integrates our conveyor systems with the corrugator, plant ERP system and other system components. All stacks with their relevant order data are tracked throughout the entire line and processed automatically with the IFAS-SF System. 

A modern high-speed WSA Sheet Feeder Solution would include the following:   

  • Automatic Load Turning 
  • Automatic Load Building – Front to Back and Side to Side 
  • Integrated Sheet Counter
  • Overhead Monitors showing Order Information in each zone in real-time
  • High-Speed Corner with Dunnage Inserter 
  • Automatic Bottom Pad Inserter
  • Automatic Strapper Controls 
  • Automatic Load Tiering
  • Shipping Line Optimization 
  • Operator Deck Platforms

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