Design Process and Planning

At WSA-USA we pride ourselves in having a design process that ensures our customer’s projects are being considered not just for the now, but the future as well.

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At WSA USA, we are committed to our customers’ success. Our unique design and planning processes allow you to maximize productivity and efficiency while maintaining a safe working environment. 

We design your projects for now – and the future. Whether you need a new machine center or a new Greenfield facility, we start with a discovery process to help us understand your needs.

To find the optimal solution, we review the following criteria:

Current and future volume expectations
Current and future business mix
Safety expectations
Potential bottlenecks
Allocated space

Areas of Planning

  • Complete new Greenfield site plant from A to Z.
  • Upgrading an existing facility in corrugator discharge, work in process, or infeed.
  • New or upgrade of a specific machine center.
  • Upgrade to an existing facility on the finished goods line.
  • Adding automatic warehouses for finished goods products.
  • Your system will address future business challenges including labor supply availability, energy efficiency, operator safety and, for new Greenfield projects, product recordability and traceability.

Design criteria & preferences

  • Determine the optimal mix of technology, automation, productivity and safety to create the next-generation smart box plant factory of the future.
  • Integrate to plant’s ERP/PPS System (i.e. Kiwiplan) from roll delivery, work in process, converting to finished goods with real-time pocket order tracking view and position of each sheet and box, automatic inventory control, and playback history (“Smart”)
  • Design for the most efficient utilization of space and building.
  • Plan for expandability in future in capacity and capability.
  • Design a system that already addresses future challenges or regulatory concerns to the business such as availability of labor supply, energy efficiency, operator safety, recordability and traceability of product, etc.
  • Provide a 3D Customized Simulation Process for layout analysis

3D Print Conveyor

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Greenfield Projects

For new Greenfield projects, “smart” refers to full integration with your ERP system from roll delivery, work-in-process, converting and finished goods with real-time pocket tracking of every load throughout the entire process. With no direct human intervention, each board sheet is automatically tracked from corrugator to finished goods and out to shipping through IFAS, our PC-based software system.

To learn more about this powerful automation tool, please visit our iFAS page to learn more about this powerful automation tool.

WSA finished goods area criteria

  • Maximize the efficiency and productivity of the Finished Goods System to process the full capability of the factory upstream (now and in the future) without creating any bottleneck or performance limitations.
  • Maximize automation and minimize human intervention and steps for handling product in the finished goods area. This includes automatic strapping, wrapping, pallet inserting, Load Tiering and Shipping lane optimization for enhanced finished goods system efficiencies. The goal is to present a finished unit that can either be loaded directly into a trailer or into the finished goods storage system without any additional manual processing.
  • Design a layout which can accommodate future automation initiatives such as Robotic Tagging, Automatic Vertical Rack Warehouse, or AGV Fork Lifts, etc.

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