Conveyor Systems and COFAS

WSA manufactures a wide array of plastic belt and roller conveyor systems including: Fully Automated Flat Top Mesh Full Pant Conveyor Systems, Integrated Order Tracking Systems, Plastic Belt Automatic Shuttle and Transfer Cars, Pallet Sweep Infeeds, Pallet Sleeve Systems, Plastic Belt Right Angle Transfer Conveyors, Plastic Belt and Ball Stack Rotators, Stack Centering Conveyors, Plastic Belt Corrugator Discharge Conveyors, Scissor Lifts and much more.
The WSA COFAS System stands for Corrugated Factory Automation System and represents the link which integrates the complete Material Handling System with the Plants Scheduling & Manufacturing Control System for a fully integrated and automated solution. Orders are tracked, processed, and displayed automatically in real time from corrugator through converting, finishing, and now warehousing. COFAS Screens are positioned throughout the factory from corrugator through converting and finishing. The WSA COFAS System can be integrated with virtually any plant scheduling system including Kiwiplan, Witron, etc.
Contact WSA to discuss the best options available for your plant conveying, infeed or discharge system requirements.

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